All my designs are hand made, following old traditional techniques.


My pieces are unique, made without casting, a sign of  quality for my work.

Welcome to Burley Jewellery

     This is the story of the artistic discovery through the years....

My passion for jewelry started long time ago, in a beautiful land, in a place between mountains and the sea, the French Provence. Mi
father, origin of this passion, taught me in my teenage-hood the bases of this ancient profession. Thanks to him I had the chance to
discover different noble materials that opened my spirit to art.

It was not until long time after that I decided to open my workshop, in Biscay, Spain. Where the colors of the ocean, the form of the rocks touched me and inspired was here where I found all my inspiration, into the nature.


Traveling has also been very important in my designs. I love the Orient and the color of its species, the culture... I have had the
chance to live in three different places, so close but so different from one another: Spain, France and the Basque Country, all three
important parts of my inspiration.

I wish you beautiful discoveries,

                                                    through softness and simplicity...

Burley Samuel

Burley Samuel



Burley Jewellery

Burley Samuel



Tel:+34 666 622 282   (Spain)

(Bizkaia) Spain

-Bizkaiko Artisau Enpresen Erregistroa
-Registro de Empresas Artesanas de Bizkaia. Artesano n°5097
-Craft Business Registry of Biscay n°5097
-Registre des Artisan de Biscaye. Artisan n°5097

 Diputación Foral de Bizkaia. Dto. de Promoción Económica.

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